About Fogus

Research & Development

Our staff has a strong technical background covering multiple disciplines, as a result of successful participation in prestigious R&D projects. We combine expertise in domains including network optimization, user-centric service design, custom-made software solutions and parallel computing, investing on fruitful research collaborations towards 5G and Beyond communication systems.

Project Planning & Implementation

We level up the productivity of your company by planning and implementing projects according to your needs and peculiar requirements. Our vast experience in EU-funded project management and proposal preparation opens the road ahead for new funding and market opportunities for your company.

Analysis & Optimization

Performance matters! In Fogus, we emphasize on the optimization of core procedures and processes of our products by integrating machine learning, big data analytics and cloud-empowered optimization. Holding expertise that ranges from the design of mobile communication protocols to the development of custom-made software, Fogus integrates state-of-the-art solutions to your products guaranteeing responsiveness and robustness.

Training & Consulting

Thriving is a matter of knowledge. We provide consulting, training and coaching services tailored to your particular requirements and the expertise level of your management/technical staff. Having participated in numerous training activities around the world, our staff always aims to exploit academic research through transfer and innovation towards industry.

Our Services

  • Project Management & Consulting
    Having long experience in project management and proposal preparation for EU-funded Research & Innovation actions, Fogus offers vital management and consulting services to your company. If you invest in sustain thriving though collaborations with academia and industrial partners we are here to open the road ahead for you.
  • Staff Training & Team Coaching
    Our expertise in applied ICT technologies combined with our continuous interaction with cross-sectoral industry and academia partners, has triggered us to optimize the interaction between individuals in light of delivring large-scale projects and design a set of tutorials on state-of-the-art ICT topics that transform the knowledge of your individuals to a team asset.
  • Cloud-based Orchestration
    Upgrade your system by adopting a fully controlled, highly-scalable, and dynamically reconfigurable environment! Fogus embraces the capabilities of cloud-based services and big data analytics to provide your system with ubiquitous administration, global accessibility, and synchronous collaboration through a highly-robust migration of your services to the cloud.
  • Big Data Analysis & Tooling
    The cornerstone of translating data to information is analysis. Fogus has the tools to manage and control the large volume of your on-line data and provide you with critical input towards improving your entire service chain. We provide your company with valuable insights from big data analysis to augment the effectiveness of your enterprise strategies.
  • Custom Software Development
    Fogus software development team is ready to architect and develop software solutions that meet the needs and requirement of your company. We are in position to undertake projects that range from the development of standalone smart phone applications (Android and IoS frameworks) to the design of complex distributed systems natively exploiting cloud computing and big data analytics (e.g. Apache's Hadoop and M-Brace frameworks).
  • Protocol Design & Process Optimization
    Building on two fundamental pillars in protocol design, namely efficiency and security, Fogus provides your system with robustness, responsiveness and protection to inadvertent behaviors. Having long experience in cross-layer optimization, protocol stack development and prototyping, we empower the key processes and procedures of your system with cloud computing and big data analysis features.
  • Modeling & Performance Evaluation
    Recognizing the fundamental role of modeling and performance evaluation for integrated network - software systems, Fogus provides the state-of-the-art performance evaluation & modeling toolkits that will help you better assess and enhance your system’s performance. When needed, we can move beyond the traditional measurement of objective indicators by encompassing human- and context- related parameters.
  • Smart monitoring & control
    The convergence of ICT technologies with critical infrastructures and smart cities has changed the way that end-customers perceive digital services ranging from home automation solutions to smart electricity metering. Fogus smart monitoring & control services bring QoE management to the core of your system's design. Optimized GUI environments and distant control of the main energy-controlling devices is integral part of our solutions.


Fogus provides holistic yet highly-effective solutions for your business products in a timely fashion.

  • Capacity Boosting for Wireless Broadband

    Fogus provides a suite of innovative technologies that can readily boost the reception/transmission rates in small to medium-scale enterprise networks. By exploiting state-of-the-art analysis and optimization toolkits, we can drastically lower the CAPEX/OPEX required to support your everyday networking requirements by inferring on close-to-optimal topology (re-)arrangements of the network layout and strategically placing popular content bunkers at the edge of your network.

  • Process Optimization using Big Data Analysis

    Fogus provides big data-driven solutions to optimize your enterprise processes by harvesting the huge quantities of information following from the interaction of your enterprise with the cyber-physical world. In particular, we develop custom-made application frameworks, built on Apache's Hadoop or M-Brace, to extract valuable insights for adjusting your business practices, redesigning enterprise processes that are not effective and creating more targeted campaigns.

  • QoE Provisioning for Multimedia Services

    Fogus has vast experience in upgrading the QoE intelligence of mobile communication networks and enabling SMEs better comprehend the benefits of optimizing their service provisioning chain in view of the degree of the end-user’s “delight or annoyance” when using a particular product or digital service. In this direction, we provide cloud-orchestrated frameworks to monitor, model, measure and optimize the entire service experience as perceived by your end customers.

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection & Security

    Fogus is actively involved in the design, development and implementation of secure solutions for safeguarding the availability, effectiveness and robustness of your critical networking infrastructure. Fogus employs security and cloud computing specialists that will assess vulnerabilities of your cyber-physical infrastructure and develop cloud-empowered systems to identify and prevent attempted attacks as well as to alert and contain inadvertent behaviors of your equipment.

  • Proximity estimation in the Wireless IoT

    Fogus provides an innovative GPS-free framework for estimating proximity between IoT elements that can be separated by a large physical distance or even support completely different radio access technologies. We further provide a comprehensive toolkit to optimize the local IoT topology in light of supporting fine-grained indoor positioning for automated navigation systems, industrial installations, and underground facilities, such as mines, public transport platforms, parking buildings.

  • Software Platform Development for Smart Cities

    Fogus provides a suite of integrated software solutions to support the increasing use of heterogeneous IoT management frameworks and ICT-enabled services in the context of a Smart City. We provide integrated solutions that span from smart phone applications for the direct interaction between the citizen's and/or the city officials to cloud-orchestrated platforms for the timely monitoring and effective handling of the Smart City's assets in a sustainable yet highly-secure fashion.

  • Mobile Application Development for Digital Services

    Based on our principle to provide user-centric applications that fully exploit the capabilities of mobile devices and support a better quality of life for the end user, Fogus software development team is ready to undertake the implementation of your digital services in highly-robust Android and iOS mobile applications. Our solutions are targeted to best fit the peculiar requirements of your business and bring to life your innovative ideas.

  • Smart Home Technology & Energy Automation

    Fogus designs and provides home automation systems that inter-connect your energy consuming devices in a highly secure semi-automated fashion. Our solutions move beyond the target of reducing the home energy consumption by integrating the individual preferences of the end consumer and supporting personalized optimizations based on human behavior analysis. Optimized GUI environments and distant control of the main energy-controlling devices is integral part of our solutions.

Products / Case Studies

Fogus has implemented a series of state-of-the-art products in the area of its solutions.



Fogus Innovation & Services P.C. and Telefonica Spain have developed the Core Function of the 3GPP Common API Framework (CAPIF) together with examples for API provider and API invoker that someone can use in order to develop its own API provision/consumer entities. The solution is compliant with 3GPP Release 17 and it is already listed in the EU Innovation Radar.

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RE-CENT blockchain-backed service provisioning

RE-CENT blockchain platform

The Fogus RE-CENT blockchain platform provides contract-less mobile data access based on a comprehensive suite of protocols, GUIs and applications that incorporate blockchain-backed service provisioning to deliver a contract-less subscription-free mobile data access over multi-tier and heterogeneous wireless networks (including 4G, 5G, WiFi, and many other platforms). The product is implemented over Ethereum and uses Blazor, C#, Solidity. A white paper for the product is available in IEEE Access. A fully-operational commercial solution is also available.

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Fogus Server and Network Assisted DASH

Fogus Server and Network-Assisted DASH

Fogus Server and Network-Assisted DASH is a software platform tailored to the suppord of the SAND-DASH technology, incorporating optimal caching/ proxying/ bitrate selection decisions. The product is fully implemented in Python and C#, also available for testing purposes in Github. White paper will be released by the end of 2023.

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Fogus Proximity

Fogus Proximity is a software platform dedicated to the support of proximity estimation services in the Wireless IoT. The Fogus Proximity platform exploits…

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Fogus Edge-Caching

Fogus Edge-Caching is a suite of application-layer protocols that enable end terminals and access points located at the network edge to cache popular content…

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Fogus Media

Fogus Media is a user’s experience management platform for multimedia services. The platform realizes three interlinked functions…

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Ongoing Research and Innovation Projects

Fogus actively participates in numerous Greek and EU-funded Research and Innovation Projects.


ORIGAMI aims at spearheading the next-generation of mobile network architecture, overcoming eight factual barriers to ensure a successful 6G future. With three critical architectural innovations - Global Service-based Architecture (GSBA), Zero-Trust Exposure Layer (ZTL) ...

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6G is expected to emerge as key enabler for the intelligent digital society of 2030 and beyond, providing superior performance via groundbreaking access technologies, such as joint communication and sensing, cell-free, Radio Intelligent Surfaces, and  ...

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5G adv. and 6G aim to expand the set of supported verticals and provide enhanced capabilities beyond connectivity. 5G CAM vertical services are a broad range of services in and around vehicles, including both safety-related and other services enabled or supported by 5G ...

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The European Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking is part of the EU's efforts to step up the green and digital transition. In line with its aim to ensure industrial leadership for Europe in 5G and 6G, the EU-funded 6G-SANDBOX project will develop a complete ...

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ELIXIRION will create the first fully-integrated, inter- and multi-disciplinary, highly-innovative training and research network that will set the foundations of the emerging Healthcare 4.0 paradigm by leveraging 6G technologies targeting to: i) provide all citizens/ patients with a wide range of services of different ...

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In recent years, the digital environment and digital transformation of enterprises of all sizes have made AI-based solutions vital to mission-critical. AI-based systems are used in every technical field, including smart cities, self-driving cars, autonomous ships, 5G/6G, and next-generation intrusion detection ...

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Towards the forthcoming transition to a fully connected world (e.g., Internet of Senses, digital twins), support of connected intelligence requires service advertisement, discovery, negotiation and management that goes beyond the complexity and scalability that existing technologies and ...

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Skills2Scale is a project designed to empower Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to play a leading role in the development and implementation of Beyond 5G networks and applications. Through a range of activities such as training programs, peer-learning events, mentoring, and acceleration, the project aims..

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The project aerOS aims at transparently utilising the resources on the edge-to-cloud computing continuum for enabling applications in an effective manner, incorporating multiple services deployed on such a path. Therefore, aerOS will establish the missing piece: a common meta operating system that ...

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The 5G mobile network architecture, which is currently consolidated (in terms of network components, technologies and interfaces), reveals a great network performance potential, appealing to different vertical market players. However, this potential cannot be fully harnessed without the appropriate algorithmic innovations and data-driven network automation that will permit full exploitation, global management and end-to-end integration of all the heterogeneous network...

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The OPTIMIST programme sets the ambitious aim to develop a modular end-to-end service platform tailored to the optimized delivery of personalised video content in 5G mobile networks, providing one of the first world-wide implementations of MEC-enabled service provisioning in 5G networks that is fully compatible with the emerging ETSI/3GPP reference architectures. To achieve this, the OPTIMIST service platform will design and implement different MEC services...

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Previous Research and Innovation Projects

Fogus has successfully participated in numerous Greek and EU-funded Research and Innovation Projects.


As 5G is gearing up for market deployment to incorporate realistic business cases, Europe is taking steps to lead global developments. The materialisation of the fifth generation of telecommunications systems, which will provide ultra-high bandwidth, massive machine to machine communications and low ...

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PUZZLE will implement a highly usable cybersecurity, privacy and data protection management marketplace targeted at SMEs&MEs that enables them to monitor, forecast, assess and manage their cyber risks through targeted cybersecurity services, increase their cybersecurity awareness through...

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SECONDO addresses the question “How can decisions about cyber security investments and cyber insurance pricing be optimised?”. SECONDO will support professionals who seek cyber security investments, developed to support human decision making, and a complete well-founded security strategy. This is a timely research problem, as the rapid growth of cyber-attacks is expected to continue its upwards trajectory...

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The overarching goal of INCOGNITO is to combine state-of-the-art technologies in a platform that will allow users to easily understand what is needed to access online services with respect to their privacy and be able to prove specific attributes of their identity or their whole identity. We build on top of the framework that is being developed under the ReCRED project where we use advanced mobile software in order to convert online...

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In the global race towards 5G, the establishment and implementation of the 5G-PPP programme in the EU has significantly strengthened the position of Europe, promoting both technological excellence and industrial leadership. So far, 5G-PPP Phase 1 and Phase 2 projects have been proven quite successful in developing focused solutions, targeting specific technical innovations. Now, the crucial next step in the “Genesis of 5G”, in Europe but also worldwide, ...

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Re-cent aims at developing an integrated service for user-centric digital content delivery in 5G mobile data networks that will be founded on the pillars of a) blockchain based wireless network resource sharing, b) QoE-enhanced video content delivery, c) software-defined networking and d) cache-enabled mobile data networks. This research is being co‐financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness,...

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The rapid evolution of ICT has revealed the potential for centrally monitoring, controlling, and optimising the power grid. In this context, a more intelligent, responsive, and efficient, system has been devised, known as the Smart Grid (SG). As explained in the EU Third Energy Package the SG will support a dynamic two-way information exchange between utility companies and their customers, contributing towards a smart and sustainable energy management in Europe and the establishment  ...

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5G networks are expected to offer end-to-end dedicated network services to vertical industries, through the SDN/NFV advancements and the ETSI-MANO toolbox. Indeed, network management functionality is exposed through network applications (NetApps) at the service providers’ domain. Consequently, service providers exploit this openness to reshape the way they develop their services and promise high Quality of Experience...

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The enterprise FOGUS INNOVATIONS & SERVICES P.C. based in Attica Region, has joined the Action “Elevating Greek Startups against COVID 19 ” with a total budget of  60 million €. The Action aims at the support of start-ups included in the National Register of Start-ups Elevate Greece" in the form of a non-refundable grant as working capital to cover their expenses...

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