Fogus Proximity

Fogus Proximity

Fogus Proximity is a software platform dedicated to the support of proximity estimation services in the Wireless IoT. The Fogus Proximity platform exploits standard signal quality measurements performed by the (potentially) heterogeneous IoT elements covering different areas and exploits state-of-the-art location modeling processes to infer on the physical proximity between IoT elements that can be separated by large physical distance or support completely different radio access technologies (RATs). Depending on the particular requirements of your business, the Fogus proximity platform can be adapted so as to support fine-grained proximity services for your communication-enabled equipment in the 3D domain without even requiring the use of GPS from the end nodes.

The platform integrates a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI) along with a comprehensive toolkit to optimize the local IoT topology in light of achieving purpose-driven targets and optimize its operational capacity under the specific operation environment. Applications span from GPS-free navigation for semi-automated systems to the support of fine-grained indoor positioning services for industrial installations and underground facilities, including mines, public transport platforms, and indoor parking buildings.

Who can benefit from Fogus Proximity?

  • Software developers/Enterprises looking for GPS-free positioning modules for supporting their location-based services/products.
  • Enterprises requiring custom-made, fine-grained and secure positioning services for fully isolated underground facilities.
  • Research centers that seek GPS-alternative solutions to enhance the robustness of their solutions.
  • Community and private emergency service providers envisioning rapidly-deployed yet tightly-integrated GPS-ICT positioning solutions with high accuracy.